Resources for Carers

1. NZcare4ME. The NZ support network for carers of young people with ME/CFS and related conditions can be found here. This is the public facebook page with information and resources. You can then choose to join the supportive, friendly and informative closed facebook group. Catch ups are encouraged as members get to know others in their area.

2. For general information on what is available to support carers in NZ, MSD (Ministry of Social Development) have produced a booklet.

3. NZ Carers Alliance is a consortium of NZ not-for-profits striving for better support and recognition for New Zealand’s 420,000+ family, whānau, and aiga carers. Their website has a range of information and resources.  

4. #ME Action have an international ME Caregivers’ Support group on facebook.

Wellington Region ME/CFS Support Group is registered under the Charities Act 2005
Registration number CC45059


PO Box 13-029 Johnsonville, Wellington 6440, New Zealand