Resources and Connections for Members




1. Workplace – WellME’s Core Social Networking Tool

A way for everyone in WellME to connect, have different chat groups about different interests, and connect with others in your own community.

2. WellME on Facebook. We also have our Facebook Page and Closed Facebook group to chat in.



  1. ANZMES - This is the national umbrella ME support organisation in NZ. To follow the ANZMES facebook page, go here. Go to their website for “What is ME”. Can also follow ANZMES on Facebook here. They produce a quarterly magazine as well called "Meeting Place" that is worth checking out, go to their website and subscribe to become a member if interested.

  2. Local Support in other regions - View list of other local support groups in NZ.

  3. Rest Assured Respite Charitable Trust see here is working towards providing a place of respite for people with ME/CFS.

  4. NZcare4ME is a NZ support network for carers of young people with ME/CFS and related conditions. Go here for their facebook page and join the group.

  5. Other online support groups on Facebook

    1. CFS/Fibro - Young Adults Group - New Zealand on Facebook.

    2. Fibromyalgia & CFS NZ Support on Facebook.

    3. Fibromyalgia NZ 

    4. Kiwi Support For ME/CFS on Facebook.





1. M.E. Awareness NZ - Passionate about ME, CFS awareness raising and advocacy in NZ? Then please join this newly formed national Facebook group and like the page so you can stay updated.

Their website is:, it is an excellent resource.

2. #ME Action - For those of you who want to know what is happening internationally from an ME advocacy and education viewpoint – explore the ME Action website. You can sign up for their updates/emails too. ME Action also provide a range of international facebook groups for patient support, caregiver support, advocacy and social/affinity.


Lucinda Bateman, who founded the Bateman Horne Centre is an extremely generous clinician and educator. This organisation has placed itself at the centre of clinical excellence and also works as a hub of connection for major research collaborations. The Bateman Horne Centre have undertaken to ensure that people with ME and Fibromyalgia have access to resources and information as it emerges. They have a range of webinars and also run regular education sessions that are streamed. Have an explore of their website.

They also have a mini educational series by Dr Bateman on ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia.




1. Health Rising. Cort Johnson authors the blog on the Health Rising site. He is one of the true heroes in the field, tirelessly interpreting the complex research as it appears so that it digestible for all of us. If you are interested in keeping up with the research, Cort has done all the work for you. He is thorough, informed, connected and writes brilliantly. Highly recommend a look on a weekly basis - or search a topic that is of interest. He will have covered it at some time!


2. Virology blog with David Tuller. Details David’s advocacy work for PwME, particularly around his courageous exposing of the flaws of the PACE trial.


1. Science for ME - Definitely worth joining this forum where researchers, scientists and the ME/CFS community meet to discuss biomedical research and advocacy.  Some great discussions happen on the NZ news thread, but also definitely worth exploring the forum in general.​


2. Twitter - A great way to stay current and connected to the latest research findings. You don’t have to participate/tweet, can just follow a whole lot of interesting people and stay up to date!

Here are some organisations and people well worth following:

NZcare4ME, M.E. Awareness NZ, M.E. Australia, Emerge Australia, #MEAction Network AU, Open Medicine Foundation, Bateman Horne Centre, #MEAction Network, #MEAction Network UK, ME Association, Action for M.E, #MEAction Scotland, May 12th, Dysautonomia Intl, Microbe Discovery, Tapanui ‘Flu (‘Tui Tapanui),Carolyn Wilshire, Dr Mark Guthridge, Cort Johnson, Tom Kindlon, Michael VanElzakker, Leonard Jason, Lucinda Bateman, Valerie Eliot Smith, davidtuller, Jennifer Brea, Llewellyn King,

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