Our Strategic Intent


For all people with ME | CFS | Fibromyalgia living in the wider Wellington region to be connected, supported, and empowered.


To provide information and a platform for people in the wider Wellington region with ME | CFS | Fibromyalgia to connect around their support needs.


Connection, collaboration, compassion, safety, inclusivity and respect.  


  • To provide safe, inclusive, and respectful environments for members to network and collaborate; both online and in person.

  • To utilise multiple communication methods and tools to ensure maximum reach across our community;

  • To disseminate credible information and research that is based on the latest evidence;

  • To provide guidance around accessing other relevant support agencies.

Wellington Region ME/CFS Support Group is registered under the Charities Act 2005
Registration number CC45059


PO Box 13-029 Johnsonville, Wellington 6440, New Zealand