Information on contributing or related conditions

Clinical Resources for Health Professionals and People with ME

  • Orthostatic symptoms such as POTS (and other dysautonomias)

These symptoms are very common, and are also commonly missed during assessment. The Dysautonomia International website has a large amount of information and links.

The Nasa Lean Test is a very simple screen for orthostatic symptoms, and POTS in particular.

  • MCAS - Mast Cell Activation Syndrome

This is a type of Mast Cell Activation Disorder (MCAD). "I suspect 50% to 60% of ME/CFS patients have it (MCAS). It's a very new concept." - article by Miriam E. Tucker on Dr Vallings site.

This NIH article has pharmacological treatment options for MCAS.

NB/ The National Institute of Health Accelerating research for ME/CFS symposium had some important talks for understanding and managing contributing conditions. GP’s and most specialists will NOT have caught up with this information yet.

Please note the first four 10 minute talks.  In particular do not miss Peter Rowes talk.


0-15 Lucinda Bateman - Orthostatic Intolerance

13-24 Susan Levine - Mast Cell Activation

24-37 Joseph Montoya - Antiviral therapy for herpes viruses

37- Peter Rowe - Neuromuscular Strain

  • Ehler-Danlos Syndrome

The New Zealand Organisation for Rare Disorders has a starting point on some information about EDS.

  • Craniocervical Instability (CCI)

 Information to come.

  • Mental Health and M.E.

The Clinical Guidelines for Psychiatrists by Eleanor Stein is a great resource for clinicians who are seeking to understand the distinctions between ME/CFS and psychiatric disorders. While it is now getting a little old, it has recently been reviewed by both a Wellington psychiatrist and psychologist, who are well read in the area of ME/CFS. They agree that it remains a relevant document for clinicians to base their understanding on.

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